Sunday, July 17, 2011

Command Verb in Masri

To command to some one, in english you just say the word.
ex: play!

but in Egyptian it is the same!!!!!!!! just you need to know verb formation rules

You need to know root verbs are formed to make the correct way to command verb to someone.
you will deal with the word(root) here;
  • some times it means: to make ex: laAeb means command make play(used mostly)
  • some times it means just the verb ex: kol means eat
  • Or no changes
formation: to make > you make
e-word : m
e-word-y: f
e-word-o: p

laAeb: to play changes to e-laAeb means you play!!

The following formation is irregular and complicated, it is an ancient influence.
formation: you make> to make
a-word : m
a-word-y: f
a-word-o: p

kol: you eat changes to a-kkel means make ... eat.



Or Change Middle vowels

Fel > tayar fly(you fly)
FayaL > tayar fly(make .. by you(m))
FayaLy > tayar fly(make .. by you(f))
FayaLo > tayar fly(make .. by you(p))

Important Note: to make in Egyptian has an equivalent, but the case here is that you use the verb in different situation for commanding which is absent and not possible in English.
ex: akelo!! has no equivalent in English. The nearest trans is make him eat, which is equivelent to Egyptian khaleh yakol. khaly a command noun equials to make in in english.

khaly-eh: make him
khaly-ha: make her
khaly-hom: make them

The END.

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