Sunday, July 17, 2011

Conjunctions: ma, when, while

the conjuction word "ma" (do not confuse with negation ma-..-sh) is used to link a a time to a next verb
ex: Since I played,.. where since is the time and I played is the verb
in Egyptian, it is formed this way: men awel ma leAebt

the case with Egyptian language and Afro-Asiatic languages in general is that it has no punctuation, even spaces! were not brought to Arabic until recent times, that is why letters changes shapes according to first, middle, final position; they did not have spaces at that time!! the same with ancient Egyptian language. So when you say awel leAebt with no ma, it is like say since. I played.

So it is important to pay attention to the conjunctions to connects sentences and ideas.

While is represented in: And + Pronouns > we+pron
ex: ana ma-bastakhdem-sh el computer wana taAban

When: lama
ex: ana baatbeset lama balaAab. I get glad when I play.

The End

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