Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Continuous Verb-Adjective State

This is how you make a continuous tense/state in Egyptian.

Do not confuse this with the present and continuous occurring tense. This form usually describes your state and not an actual occurring verb.

Consider the following sentences.
I am seeing this.
I am understanding you.
When I was Walking

Seeing, understanding, Walking - that is what I mean by The continuous verb-adjective tense.

Roots, we need them here.
F : First letter of the root
M : Middle
L : Last

Two types are present here:

enta Aamel(m) eh? You are doing(m) what?
enta Aamlah(f) eh? You are doing(f) what?

ana shayefak(m) I am seeing(m) you(m)

enta fahem ana baaaol eh? You(m) are understanding(m) I say what? Are you understanding what I said?

Now lets discover the other kind.
It represents to make to kind of thing

I making him to carrying this for example.

It is not used alot by the way, it is poss. form is the one that is commonly used since the first type lacks it.

Here is it formation:


poss. form



I making(m) him to carrying this.
ana me-shayel-o dah.

Now to the commonly used possession form example.
ana metAawed enny Amel dah
I am made to use to that I do that
I am used to that I do that

ana mestany
I am made waiting.
I am waiting.

ana mestakhaby
I am made hiding.
I am hiding.

Hope this lesson was beneficial.

Comments are welcomed.

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