Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have Just..Still.. And Yet.

This is where you mostly use the continuous verb-adjective state tense.
You use the word "lissa" which means "yet" for this purpose

The tool "lissa" itself is a word which means still, and yet and it could be used to represent the perfect tense in English with the other tool/word "khalas"

example: I have just eaten my lunch
in Egyptian: ana lissa wakel ghadaya

ana : I
lissa = yet
wakel = eaten 
ghadaya = my lunch

So, here is the rules to follow
pron + "lissa" + negation with past tense if wanted/cont verb-adjective state + noun with poss. pron
ex: ana lissa ma-kalt-sh ghadaya means: I have not yet eaten my lunch.

2nd ex: ana ma-roHt-sh lissa means: I did not go yet. (again depending on the on focus object; here, the person is on focus so he comes first and the time comes later.)

3rd ex: ana lissa meakkelo means I have just made made(m) him to eat. (refer back to the second type of the cont verb-adj state tense)

"khalas" which means Already or Finally can be used the same with "lissa"
These two words are actually tools that describe verb state.

The End.


  1. Hi Team,
    First, I am fascinated by the amount of work you put into this subject, but unfortunately you do not realize the effect of what you are doing.
    I am an Egyptian, my name is Mostafa. And I am proud of my spoken language being so popular.

    So that you do not mix things, I just want to point out that what I am about to say has nothing to do with religion or Quran.

    Our language is Arabic, old Arabic, Al logha al aarabia al fos-ha (I would have written it in Arabic but currently I do not have an Arabic keyboard).
    Egyptian arabic is more of a dialect, a spoken language. It should not be a written language. The schools try hard to keep the Arabic language so that future generations do not forget the origin.

    Maybe you do not see it now, but what you are doing might change the whole area. Now you create a language, later you change the alphabet, and later other Arab countries follow either with their own language and alphabet or follow you.

    Do not think what I am saying is not realistic. You can check what happened to Turkey. They left the Arabic language and alphabet. And they were the center of the Islamic empire, so it has nothing to do with Quran or religion.

    Like I said I am proud of the way I speak. but changing the news broadcast, the radio, the books, (....etc) to Masri will cause future generations (not only of egyptians but all arabic speaking countries) to forget their original language. Because Egypt has a hell of an influence on the neighboring world.

    I hope this reaches to someone. You even have my email if you wanna reply.

    And so that you do not think I am against my own spoken language:
    "Rabena yehdena game3an lel taree2 el sa7 ya a5y"

    Al salam Alykom

    1. I already replied to that same reply in masri wiki. Religion has nothing absolutly with the language. It's good to see u that fluent in English and for that ocasssion, when u speak English, do u speak in another type of English or the same is written and spoken. yeah, it's the same thing. The spoken language should be the written language. But anyway, we are here to teach the spoken language and not for that matter of making this language an official language>