Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nouns and Adjectives in Masri

Nouns and Adjectives in Masri

There are only, singular(f), Singular(m), Plural(both) forms
negation: ma-verb/pron(rare)-sh or mish+verb/noun/Adj/pron
-een = -s (p. for living things)
-at = -s (p. for things)
FoMaL = Usually used P.

There and many other forms
noun+ah -> a/an noun and singular form of noun(things); for a noun of(for this only) =-> noun+et

The Adjective is formed on the formation of the noun before it >>ex: madrasah gamelah >>trans: a beautiful school
-een Plural and dual nouns get their adjective in in pluar form
modareseen gomal
beautiful Teachers!

-at plural nouns get their adjective in with (ah) singular form
estewanat gamelah 
beautiful CDs!

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