Saturday, July 16, 2011

Past Tense In Masri Egyptian Language

Past Tense

the sentience -> I played
= ana leAeb-t

leAeb is the past tense for played for he
-t is added to form the verb in the I form

Here are the formations for each pronoun:

normal form -> for He
-t -> for I, You(m) ex: ana leAeb-t
-et -> for She ex: heyya leAb-et
-ty -> for You(f) ex: enty leAb-ty
-o -> for You(p), them ex: homa leAb-o

et- is added is a prefix for Past Possession Form for all Prounouns in addition to the past tense pronoun at the end as a suffix

ex: el maHal et-afal
means -> the shop was closed

et-=Poss. form = was/were(for all
afal=closed(since "el mahal" is treated as a masc, it uses the normal form)

Another Example:

el kobaya et-kasar-et

el kobaya=the cup
et-kasar-et =was broken(here the cup is treated as fem.)

Note: if the word has an "e" as a first leter and "t" then no thing is added since it is already can be used as a poss. tense along with it as a past tense. You may need to change the vowels though.
ex: from past estakhdem to poss. past estokhdam. It is an Arabic word influence.

Hope you have enjoyed and learned.

Any comments are greatly welcomed.

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