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Pronouns in Egyptian Masri Language

Pronouns in Egyptian Masri Language

Personal Pronouns:

ana = I
enty = you(f)
enta =you(m)
ento = you(p)
eHna = we
howwa = He
heyya = She
homma = They

These pronouns are mainly used:
If the pronouns in the beginning of the sentience ex: ana baahebak I love you :)
In Questions Specially Are/Is/Did ex: enta leAebt? You played? Did you play?

Possessive Pronouns

me = -y/-ya(Cons Vowel behind)
you(m) = -ak/ek(Cons Vowel Y, W, A behind)
you(f) = -ek/ky(Cons Vowel behind)
you(p) = -ko
him = -o/h(Cons vowel behind)
her = -ha
them = -hom

/* occurs when a constant vowel is present in the last letter of the word
 ex:Y, W, A و,ي,ا
 During this, the last vowel is duplicated and the part after / is added as the end.

I want to give it to you

ana Ayez ady-ha-l-ak

ana = I
Ayes= Wanting
Ady = give
-l-=to(used in this form in this case (Connected to brev. and front word, normal form "le" = to)

the same with questions, they come at the end unless the object refereed was the focus point.

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