Sunday, July 17, 2011

Questions in masri

Questioning words:


Question words usually comes at the end.

enta beteAmel eh? What are you doing?
esmak eh? what is your name?
enta betelAb emta? when do you play

unless the word refers to an object and focuses on it.

eh da? What is this?
anhy waHda? Which one?
ezzayak? How are you?

Are/is/do/did/have/had Questioning:

to make this question- follow this

Past tense(with gender form. applied) +?

ex: kal-t means ate(m)?

walla is a word means nor/or and it could be used here

kalt walla laa: ate(m) or no?

See how easy it is.

You may need to include a pronoun or two

2nd pron(He(m)) +/or 1st(You(m)) +/or Past tense.

enta kalt? did you eat.
howwa kal? did he eat

howwa enta kalt? is it you ate?

The End.

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